Head of Department Speech

       Through the aspects of knowledge, we delve into with what is similar to the creation of a living image that has been embodied from the features of the dead… It is a knowledge that will reach generations so that by passing it on we will have the best history to be inherited for us by name, remembrance and eternity… produce a knowledge that you create in your life and you find it a knowledge that will be inherited after your death, as charity and benefit taught over time…

      The best favor is that which is returned to you from yourself for yours, by leaving what you did not reap anything from except knowledge that you benefit yourself before others… be for yourself the best reference for others… for the benefit of knowledge, favor and charity… we support and teach to lead, in the end, a generation that learned, walked and arrived.

Department Vision

    The first degree of weakness in getting knowledge is the lowest level of its students, who are primary school students. Educational and educational institutions were established only to formulate the best generation that qualifies it to reach the highest levels of science, education and good upbringing. The information that would create a conscious and educated generation, its beginnings were founded by professors who are able to give knowledge at its peak, and the study plans that are developed based on approved standards studied for these cadres who, in turn, communicate their knowledge to such levels of the students of the first-grade teacher department.

    The First Grade Teacher Department is also looking forward to be one of the educational departments that contribute to advancement and knowledge at all levels, the application of modern educational curricula in force globally, and the preparation of qualified university teachers in the field of educational, technical, psychological and other sciences.

Department Message

     Striving to keep pace with the developments of the times in creating teaching cadres specially prepared for the first grades in the primary stage, and working to rehabilitate them to give the right of what they owe and the progress they have gained so that they have the first beginnings of success, and try to support this category of students and prepare them professionally and behaviorally distinct, which serves the community and the urgent need for such a role.

      The department is also interested in spreading cognitive sciences and communicating correct ideas to students and society away from all kinds of extremism, and providing them with principles of knowledge, sound thinking and scientific research skills in the field of educational and psychological sciences.

Department Goals

1- Creating educational support that praises educational cadres and qualifies them intellectually, and trying to support them depends on taking them to the highest stages of progress.

2- Preparing a qualified generation that will be the best role model to be relied upon in establishing and planting knowledge in the smallest part of the seekers of knowledge from the elementary school.

3- Focusing on the service aspect and trying to provide assistance at the governmental and private levels, as well as serving the community in general.

4- The department staff pay attention to the best theories that give an incentive to progress and raise the qualitative level in preparing university teachers, based on modern educational theories.

5- Seeking to complete the scientific picture by conducting some recent studies that specialize in the field of education and investing them in raising the awareness of students.

6- Developing and updating scientific curricula in the field of first grade subjects.

7- Supporting students how to create and develop educational aids for use in teaching first-grade subjects.

Brief Introduction about First Year Teacher Department

        The first grades teacher department was established in 2017, and it was the first admission for students for the academic year 2017/2018, where (48) students were admitted for the first year, (22) were males and (26) were females. The second year (2018-2019) there (47) students were admitted, (22) were males and (25) were females.

        The department grants a bachelor’s degree/ First Year Teacher Department and works to prepare students for a period of four years to prepare graduate teachers in schools or to complete postgraduate studies. The faculty members conduct scientific and educational research in the field of specialization and participate in seminars and scientific conferences and workshops held by the department or college. Or other universities and competition for scientific awards granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.





SubfieldFieldC.VAcademic RankCertificateNameNo.
Comparative LiteratureArabicDownloadProfessorPhDMohammad Mahdi Yasin1
Abbasid LiteratureArabicDownloadAssistant ProfessorPhDMohammad Qasim Hussein2
Urban GeographyGeographyDownloadAssistant ProfessorPhDHakim Nasir Hussein3
Islamic ThoughtHistoryDownloadAssistant ProfessorPhDShakir Uwai Nfawah4
Cognitive PsychologyPsychologyDownloadLecturerPhDRafid Rasool AbdulRazaq5
Educational SociologySociology DownloadLecturerPhDAmmen Mohammad Hassan6
Curricula and Teaching Art Education MethodsPsychologyDownloadLecturerPhDQais Ahmad Sh’alan7
Modern HistoryHistoryDownloadLecturerMAHussein FAlih Chiad8
Modern ArabicArabicDownloadLecturerMAZainab Jawad Mousa9
SwimmingPhysical Education DownloadLecturerMAAzhar Handhal Farhan10
Organic ChemistryChemistry

Assistant LecturerMAZahra’a Ali Nashoor11
Molecular BiologyBiologyAssistant LecturerMAHussein Abdul-Ghani Edrees12
General LawLawDownloadAssistant LecturerMAMaisa’a Shathar Mohammad13
LiteratureArabicDownloadAssistant LecturerMASahar Ahmad Radhi14
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